Our Story

Hello and welcome!

First off, thank you for supporting anEK as your support and engagement mean the world to our team.

anEK handbags are a beautiful and unique accessory for the women looking to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Our handbags are made partly with upcycled South Asian fabrics giving a second life to gently worn Saris. 

Vayshali is the founder and designer of anEK handbags and is based on Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in the midwest, Vayshali struggled with her identity as she learned to become “more American” while balancing the love for her Indian roots and culture. Now she combines the best of both cultures with anEK handbags.

Bringing anEK to life has been a dream of Vayshali's since college. She taught herself to hand sew, and eventually machine sew, and that is all she needed to make her first cotton canvas purse. After being furloughed from her job in 2020 and unaware of the journey ahead, she awoke to realize the true meaning of fulfillment and being true to yourself. Since that day, Vayshali set forth to turn her dreams into a reality.

Our team is honored to bring you the unique designs of anEK and we look forward to our stories connecting! 



About anEK

repurposing vintage saris

Unnamed Indian artisans hand crafted hundreds of beautiful fabric in their lifetime. Their handiwork was made into a sari, sold in a bazaar and then carried across the world to America.

Their name is unknown, but their story is woven into the fibers of the fabric.

Re-purposing and finding life for this vintage sari brings me joy as I'm paying tribute to that unnamed and unknown artisan. They would be proud that their story lives on... 

supporting artisans

anEK bags bridge together two cultures:

My roots by incorporating designs with artisan-made Indian fabric


My birth country by giving a safe and secure job opportunity to hard-working artisans in American