Care Details

anEK bags are handcrafted by our Los Angeles, CA team using a combination of leather substitute + delicate upcycled fabric made by artisans in India. Given the nature of the materials, variations in the bag fabric are natural and any imperfections will add to the uniqueness of your bag. 

  • Do not submerge in water and avoid prolonged periods of sunlight and heat. 
  • Bags cannot be machine washed or dried. Spot clean gently to avoid damaging fabric. 
  • Avoid harshly rubbing against the bag as delicate fabrics may fray. 
  • Store your bag standing up in a dry and dust-free area to maintain quality.

The exterior Indian fabric and trim are traditionally delicate and should be treated with care. You may see fibers and threads fray with use but will not result in a significant shift to the appearance of the bag structure or design. To remove, simply and gently snip away the flyaways with sharp scissors. Avoid trimming close to the bag.