You can start anytime

Jan 1 - That day we decide to start a new habit or change an existing one. We set expectations that this shift on this particular day will forever change the course of our life path. Starting something new and believing in it is GREAT. But why wait until Jan 1. And why, if the resolution fails, do we wait until the digit changes in the year to start again? 

A resolution should start the day you believe you want to achieve something new. That could be the start of the month, next Tuesday or 5pm tonight. Achieving a better you can start anytime. 

I personally don’t have resolutions. Instead I follow other measures to guide me to a better me - below are a few examples. Hopefully one of the methods resonates with you:

  • Word of the Year: a simple word that will guide you mentally, physically and emotionally. 
  • Mantra or personal statement: a powerful phrase that reminds you of your mission
  • Bucketlist: a list of achievements or accomplishments you want to make in any given period
  • Goals: measurable and achievable milestones

Good luck with all you plan to achieve this year. 

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