Shape your path

This entrepreneur journey began with a seed of an idea. The path to start could not be fully seen, but it paved itself in front of me once I acted on my dream. It could only be seen in short distances, sometimes clear but often with a muddled view. Even with a distorted view, the steps to move forward had to be taken. My heart and head constantly fighting with each other on which days or hours we should keep leaning into my dream and when we should give up. I'm still on this journey to bring to life my business dreams. It's full of thrills, excitement and fun. And the occasional (every day?) worry on 'what's next?'.

I'm on this journey alone, because it's mine to take by myself. This path was not paved out for any body but me. It's made up of my vision and dream, and my heart and soul.

As we near the end of the year (t-minus 2 months), this is a reminder that everybody has their own path to shape, and it's in their control to lead that path to their dreams. And take in all the cheers and positive vibes from your friends, family and the community as they cheer you on.