Let's talk about Bravery


The first of many blogs focusing on empowering our thoughts to live a life we want.

Today we talk about Bravery. 

Brave: (1) showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty. (2) having courage

The act of bravery can be found anywhere:

  • Taking a leap of faith in yourself.
  • Facing racism, sexism and inequality
  • Changing your relationship status
  • Battling a difficult health issue
Each scenario requires faith in yourself and control over your mind. Even mastering the art of fake bravery can help push away the fear and lead you to be more courageous.
As you think about your identity, is BRAVE a trait you identify with?
If you are still hustling and staying positive, especially after the last few years, then yes, I would say you are brave!

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